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Tips, Tricks and Secrets from Professional Travelers

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Finally, a travel book with more unique travel tips than you can imagine, backed by both amusing and terrifying stories from Dr. Boone’s personal travel experiences.  Dr. Boone has learned the secrets of traveling alone and having a great time, and she shares those tips with you.  No matter how you travel, if you love to travel, save money, and have a great time, especially if you don’t have a travel partner, this book is for you.

Related to travel, Dr. Pat Boone has been a flight attendant and supervisor, gate agent, reservationist, and international travel agent and supervisor.  She’s traveled world-wide, both first class, coach, and private aviation, and strives to give you unique tips from many aspects of travel. 

She recently traveled to Aberdeen, Scotland in a genealogy search for her grandfather’s origin; then traveled on, by herself, to Budapest, Vienna and Prague.  This year she traveled to Tahiti and on to New Zealand to meet more relatives she had never seen before.  This summer will take her to Ottawa, Canada to meet still more new relatives.  She usually travels alone.

Dr. Boone presently serves on the Colorado Springs Airport Advisory Commission.  You can find out more about her background and experience, and what she does for her community on this website under Resume.

Tips, Tricks and Secrets From Professional Travelers - back

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