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Dr. Pat Boone is a vibrant professional speaker on a variety of personal and business topics (see Resume). Enjoy original, fresh presentations instead of canned speeches. While she is a luncheon and keynote speaker for large companies, her real love and passion is fostering Christian spiritual insight and encouragement through teaching and personal examples from her life story. As she says, "If enough bad things have happened to you, it's easier to find joy and happiness in the normal events of life, because you know how bad things can really get!"

Please Note: The current most popular speaking topics of Dr. Boone are: “Don’t let Yourself be Cloned: How to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft”, “Avoiding the New Airline Baggage Charges: How to Travel with only Carry-on Bags” and "Increasing your Bottom Line both Personally and Professionally: Creative Ways to Save Money at your Home and Office."

Speaker Colorado SpringsDr. Pat Boone's “Laugh and Learn Life Series” will energize your meetings and fascinate your audience.  A recognized expert on Relationships, Divorce and Holistic Health, presentations are tailored to your group's interests.  Available last minute.

The Life SeriesEngage Your Audience With Dr. Pat Boone's 
“Laugh and Learn” Life Series

When Dr. Pat Boone talks about the life issues affecting us all, appreciative audiences listen in.  Explore with this informative, outspoken expert topics like:

“Who gets the loot?”
Dr. Boone will share practical suggestions and checklists
to make sure you're prepared “just in case.” 
“The scales of justice don't always know
who should get the Pet or 'your' Motorcycle.”

Relationship Myths/ Marriage Myths
What personal, hidden myths are secretly
destroying your business and personal relationships?
Where do they come from? 
No one is to blame.  Find out why!

Health (with a twist)
“A Whole New Way to look at 'Whole' istic Health.”
Whole body health (Holistic Health) includes
your Spirit and Soul (Mind, Will and Emotions).
“Is your Spirit 'Anorexic'?”
“Are your Emotions 'Overweight'?”

Credentials: Dr. Boone is an acclaimed Speaker and Writer, Community Leader, former NASCAR Announcer, TV Host and Hospital Chaplain, with a doctorate in Counseling.  She is the author of The Life Series trilogy, including the books: DIVORCE: EQUITABLE DISTRIBUTION/ PROPERTY SETTLEMENT, MY 101 FAVORITE MARRIAGE MYTHS and THE HEALTH DIET. Her most recent international speaking engagement was the International Convention of ABC (Association of Bridal Consultants) in November 2012.

Availability: Your Last Minute Speaker nationwide and locally in Colorado.

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