Dr. Pat Boone

How To Get What You Want in Any Language

A new language book is taking the travel world by storm. How To Get What You Want in Any Language is the brainchild of Dr. Pat M. Boone, who determined to make it possible for travelers to communicate their needs in any language. She even designed The Magic Sentence for really busy people who only have time to learn one sentence before they travel, and The Combo-Language for those who don’t get a chance to finish their books (one for each language) before their trip.

Using the analogy of building a house, Dr. Boone researched, identified, and has now revealed the less than 100 "Foundation" words and phrases that will allow you to "get what you want" when visiting another country. Since most travelers stay in a country only 3-7 days, Dr. Boone developed a system that allows visitors to learn less than 100 "Foundation" words and phrases to “get what they want.” She even designed the book’s 4" x 7" size to fit easily into a man’s back pocket or a woman’s purse.

"I determined that you didn’t need to know every word in a language in order to "get what you want." You only need "Foundation" words. Once you have a 'language Foundation,' you can easily add 'Building' words (also provided by Dr. Boone) to your 'language house.' I wanted to make it simple enough that anyone could communicate their needs in another language."

How long does it take? In only one afternoon, you can look up all your "Foundation" words. How To Get What You Want in Any Language is a book for travelers, businessmen, military, missionaries or anyone else who wants to be able to communicate in another language without spending years learning the language.

"But," she warns, "when you see how easy it can be, you may become hooked on the thrill, wonder and excitement of learning other languages!"

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