Dr. Pat Boone

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Dr. Boone's Invocation for
Colorado Springs' City Council Meeting
April 12, 2011


Dr. Patricia M. Boone LLC - Ordained Minister

Ministry Service - Colorado SpringsDr. Pat Boone is a Sunday Morning substitute speaker for pastors who are on vacation, sick or out-of-town. She is also available last-minute at no additional charge.

Dr. Pat Boone officiates at Christian and Non-denominational Weddings, Funerals, Pet Funerals and Equine Funerals of Tribute. Dr. Boone is a former hospital chaplain and counselor, and authored an award-winning book in "The Life Series."

The Life SeriesMinistry Services

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Dr. Boone has written three books to help hurting people cope with three major life topics. The books are filled with original cartoons for clearer understanding.

Relationships: As a former marriage counselor, she has written a Relationship book that identifies the myths that destroy personal and business relationships. This book received two "Book of the Month" awards. My 101 Favorite Marriage Myths is also used for pre-marital and re-marital counseling. This is a real Marriage Handbook for dealing with daily unrealistic expectations before they become giant marriage problems.

Divorce: Her book on Divorce Property Settlement, Divorce: Equitable Distribution / Property Settlement, helps those who are forced into a divorce "get their fair share for themselves and their children" and tells specifically what can happen if they go blindly into the process. A layman’s guide to the legal issues in a divorce situation, and a must-read before spending thousands of dollars in legal fees.

Health: The Health Diet looks at not only natural health, but also how your Spirit and Soul (Mind, Will and Emotions) can be "Anorexic" or "Overweight."

In all her books in "The Life Series" she shares bravely from her own life experiences to reach out and help others in her common sense, street-wise approach to problems that confront us all to varying degrees.

Credentials: Dr. Boone holds a Doctor of Ministry in Biblical Counseling and an honorary Doctor of Divinity. She is the founder and seminar leader of "Stop the Divorce Epidemic." A former hospital chaplain and counselor, she is the author and singer of "A Christmas Letter From Your Family," two new 2007 and 2008 Christmas songs to honor our troops that she produced and gave away free online to encourage our troops, both active duty and retired, at her website RedWhiteandBlueChristmas.com. In 2009, her Christmas song salute to the military was "That's How I'm Spending Christmas."


Dr. Pat Boone Colorado Springs Chamber Member