Dr. Pat Boone

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What can you do when you become involved in a conflict and you need to preserve a valued relationship or friendship?

Let Dr. Pat Boone show you Professional Mediation Options BEFORE you experience the adversarial court system and become enemies, perhaps forever.

Professional Mediation is based on a WIN-WIN model intended to MEET THE NEEDS OF BOTH PARTIES.

With the court system backed up (only 1.8 percent of all cases in the United States actually get to court) and the high cost of going to court, why not try Professional Mediation first?

Dr. Pat Boone is a Certified Mediator, with a Doctorate Degree in Counseling, specializing in Business, Real Estate and Divorce disputes.

Let a professional help you resolve your personal or business conflict NOW, before it esclates into a full-blown court battle.

With Divorce mediation, Dr. Boone includes a copy of her new book "Divorce: Equitable Distribution / Property Settlement," as featured on Amazon.com (a $30 value). This book is a complete layman's definitive guide to handling the divorce process, in a story format that guides you step-by-step. You can find more information on this book on this website (click The Life Series) or on Amazon.com.

Dr. Boone's base fee for mediation is $200 per hour, plus travel and expenses.

2008 Conflict Resolution Day

Lionel Rivera, Mayor of Colorado Springs, Colorado, signs the Proclamation to make October 16, 2008, Conflict Resolution Day in Colorado Springs.

In the picture with the Mayor are (from Left):

Dr. Pat Boone, Volunteer Mediator for the Better Business Bureau and El Paso County Small Claims Court, who specializes in General Business, Divorce Property Settlement and Real Estate Mediation, and Monica Lichtenberger, owner of Phoenix Strategies, Inc. and one of Colorado Springs' premier Mediators and Mediation Instructors.

Lionel Rivera, the Mayor of Colorado Springs, Colorado, recently signed
the proclamation to make October 17, 2007
Colorado Springs Conflict Resolution Day.

In the picture are (from Left):

Dr. Pat Boone, who specializes in General Business, Real Estate and Divorce Mediation; Kerri Schmitt, who specializes in Elder Care Mediation; Mayor Lionel Rivera; and Chuks Nweke, who specializes in Family Mediation.


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